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== External Links ==
== External Links ==
* [http://vrtoutoulz.fr/ VRTouToulz] Number one data source for vrtool (charts, winds, polars etc)
* [http://vrtoutoulz.fr/ VRTouToulz] vrtool compatible charts, game wind feed, CSV polars etc
* [http://nomads.ncdc.noaa.gov/index.php NOAA GFS] Wind forecasts.
* [www.pacotool.fr/ Paco Tool] vrtool compatible desktop starter (with leg marks and all)
* [http://vrguide.blogspot.com.br/ VR Guide] vrtool tutorials, documentation
* [http://nomads.ncdc.noaa.gov/index.php NOAA GFS] Wind forecasts
* [http://www.virtualregatta.com/ Virtual Regatta]
* [http://www.virtualregatta.com/ Virtual Regatta]
* [http://www.volvooceanracegame.com/ Volvo Ocean Race game]
* [http://www.volvooceanracegame.com/ Volvo Ocean Race game]

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