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The Desktop Configuration Wizard that will guide you while configuring the program for a new regatta leg.

Use menu option File > Config Wizard. The wizard will help you choose:

  • A chart
  • A polars database
  • Position of the first mark (i.e. your first destination)
  • Leg name
  • Leg start time
  • Your boat name

In the end you will save that configuration to a new desktop file. Desktops are text files with extension .nav. The desktop contains the chart name, configurations, routes, tracks and objects you add during the leg.

Every time you start the program, load the desktop file to retrieve the configuration you created for the regatta leg. To load an existing desktop use menu option File > Open Desktop.

If you are new to the program, try the sample desktop vrtool.nav. This will open a chart with a couple routes, tracks and marks. You can add our own marks, design routes and tracks, add great circle routes or use weather routing to generate tracks and isochrones.