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Tutorial: Importing boat and wind files from Firefox cache


You can import boat data and winds from Firefox browser cache using VRTool Firefox Cache Importer (or FCI for short). This is one way to get data into VRTool without interaction with game servers.

For Firefox 4 and newer, you have to install the plugin called httpFox (use the FF plugin manager for that). Only with this plugin activated, the new versions of Firefox will save the cache files to disk (I don't know why).

The FCI in action


In vrtool, to open the firefox module, use key combination Ctrl-I or menu option File>Import from Firefox...

You have to inform the Firefox "Cache path" (item 1. in figure). This is the location where the Firefox stores temporary Internet files. It is a different location in Windows XP and Vista.

for Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Temp\
for Windows Vista and W7:

C:\Documents and Settings\username\AppData\Local\Temp\

Where username is your Windows user name (see item 1. in figure above)


1- If you're using Windows in another language than english, folder names may be translated.

2- The actual files are in folders inside \Temp\
(for example: C:\Documents and Settings\username\AppData\Local\Temp\plugtmp-65\).
Do not include the \plugtmp-XX\ part in cache path. The program will scan all folders inside Temp for you.

3- Some of these folders are hidden, so you may not be able to locate them using the Windows Explorer. To find the files with Windows Explorer, change the Folder Options to [x]Show hidden folders and files (this is not a requirement to use FCI, do it only if you are curious about the hidden files that programs save in your disk).

Choose the regatta provider (item 2. in figure). Currently Virtual Regatta and VORG 11-12 are supported.
Check the [x]wind and [x]boat data options accordingly.

For VORG 11-12 use file mask= plugin-me*

For Virtual Regatta use file mask= plugin-ServiceCaller-*.php

Once FCI is configured, follow these steps each time you load Firefox and VRtool:

1- In Firefox, use key combination Shift-F2 to open httpFox panel. Click [> Start] to activate httpFox. You may close httpFox panel, but keep it activated.

2- In VRTool, after loading the desktop, type Ctrl-I and activate the automatic update (item 3. in the figure). For Virtual Regatta you can import both boat data and winds from game files. For VORG only boat data is supported. In this case you can use either NOAA or vrtoutoulz winds (which are close enough).

For Virtual Regatta, activate automatic update in the game app (VORG app auto updates by default).

Note that in VORG game, vrtool will only start importing boat data 10 minutes after the game load.
This is because the VORG game has two kinds of files: complete and update. VRTool can only read the updates. So wait.

By default, vrtool will import all boats you are following (friends, top 10 and random boats). If you don't like so many boats in your desktop, uncheck some of the boat tracks in vrtool to hide them. Also in VORG, select your own boat track and activate the wind arrow plot, so you can see the wind at your current boat position.


updated 12-mar-2012

©Copr 2008-09 Omar F. Reis