Navigator for Windows

Current version is 11.0.1 (released in sep-21)
for Windows XP, Vista, , W7, W8, W10 and Server,
(Win32 platform - for 32 and 64 bit PCs)

Navigator for PC Features

- Celestial navigation module with perpetual almanac, lines of postion, astronomical position, meridian passage, celestial object data.
- Prints Nautical Almanac style pages, for pencil&paper navigation.

- Star Finder for celestial navigation (sky chart and spreadsheet).
- Charting tools, with vector charts (GSHHS charts, shp, custom format).
- Sail boat track designer with ETA.
- Sail boat "polar chart" creation and edition (Polar Studio).
- Download GFS wind forecasts from NOAA server, up to 384 hours.
- Download GFS wind forecasts from Navigator server, up to 144 hours, 3 hr interval
- Sail boat weather routing allows optimization of routes based in the polar chart and wind forecasts.
- GPS interface. Plot the position and save your track in real time (note: requires a device with serial interface. USB devices are supported via serial emulation mode (RS232) if available. Check device software documentation). AIS client.

not in ?

1- Navigator is not compatible with commercial electronic chart formats.
Support available to custom vector chart format *.CHT, ESRI *.SHP files and GSHHS *.B vector charts.
2- Navigator accepts NMEA GPS messages, but does not implement any proprietary or model specific features, such as waypoint uploads or instrument setup. AIS interface via boat network (TCP/IP).

media options:

Navigator - electronic version

Software and documentation downloaded from the Internet.

Navigator download
is free


Navigator - CDROM version

CD-ROM and printed manual with celnav text and program usage

US$ 59.95

buy from Celestaire, authorized reseller.
Credit card, money order or US checks.

Registration and installation steps - Electronic version

1- Click download button and registrate with name and e-mail address. Save file to downloads.

2- After the download is complete run the installer file. This will install the software in your computer. Installation requires computer administrator rights, but not the normal program usage.

3- Proceed until the installation is complete.


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