This service generates "Nautical Almanac" daily pages.
Date range: between 1950 and 2050
Parameter: initial date of a 3 day period.

Generated data includes:
- Star position table (SHA and declination).
- Sun and Moon hour tables, complete with increments and Semi diameter.
- Planets hour tables, with increments.
- Aries hour table.

A few tables are not included:
- Twilights, Sun and Moon rise and set.
- Sun E.T. and meridian passage.
- Moon meridian passage, age and phase.
- Correction tables (yellow pages) - Tables from an old Almanac can be used instead.

While not intended to substitute the Nautical Almanac, this information is enough to do celestial navigation using the traditional methods.

Other celestial navigation stuff in this site:

> Navigator Software - Theory and practice in celestial navigation. Software for Windows.

> Navigator Star Finder - Polar chart of the sky in a given time and position.

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