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Using Internet Explorer

IconInternetExplorer.gif Current for version 11.0.9600.17420.

In your web browser:

  • If your Virtual Regatta game console is already open then close it.
  • In your browser go to the Virtual Regatta page where you can see the ButtonVRPlay.gif button which starts the game. Don't click on it yet.
  • Press the F12 key. A new window called F12 Developer Tools opens. If the new windows opens in the game window click on the IEUnpin.gif Unpin tool in the tool bar and drag it clear.

In the Developer Tools window:

  • On the left sidebar click in the IENetwork.gif Network tool.
  • On the top toolbar, if you can see the IECapture.gif Capture button then click on it to turn on capturing.

In the Virtual Regatta window:

  • Click on the ButtonVRPlay.gif button to start the game console for your game. Log in if you have to.

In the Developer Tools window:

  • The calls made by the game console to the server are displayed.
  • In the IESearch.gif search box type "GetUser" (without the quotes) and click on the search tool. You should see the details of a request header with a Request key starting:
    "GET /core/Service/ServiceCaller.php?service=GetUser&id_user=...."
This is the call that the game console used to retrieve your boat information from the game server.
  • In the menu bar at the top click on SUMMARY. In the summary list the selected GetUser record will be highlighted.
  • Right-click on the record and select Copy URL.

Now go to Step 2 - Parameterise VRTool.