Volvo Ocean Race Game 2014

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Following are suggested settings to get started in Virtual Ragatta's Volvo Ocean Race Game 2014.

Vector Charts

Menu: File/Open Vector Chart...

  • Open the main vector chart file c_gshhs_i.cht.

Menu: File/Merge Vector Chart...

  • Merge each of the localised pixel sub-charts onto the main chart to overlay the Virtual Regatta coastlines on to the display.

The main chart and the VR pixel sub-charts for each leg are posted in a ZIP file on the Volvo Ocean Race page of the Virtual Regatta forums. Put all the chart files in the same folder as your .nav file before loading/merging them.

Collision Detection

NOAA import grib file

Download params

  • Time zone: Click on the IconLisa.gif to set to your PC's time zone
  • Resolution: 12
  • Up to: 180 for normal forecasts, 384 for long-range forecasts
  • CtrlCheck.gifAccept incomplete downloads


  • CtrlOption.gifgame windspeeds (rounded)
  • Grid probe resolution: 1.0

Weather Routing


  • Isochrone interval: 0.5 for tracks up to 1000 nm, 1.0 for long tracks
  • Up to isochrone: 0
  • Show isochrones: 1h


  • # of tree branches: 181 (if you are using a "full" polar)
  • Max angle to destination: 90
  • Boat wake angle: 30
  • Iso point spacing: 1%
  • CtrlCheck.gifLand collision detection
  • CtrlCheck.gifAdd branches at isochrone points
  • CtrlCheck.gifUse new pruning method

Winds Tab

Wind grids

  • CtrlCheck.gifoverwrite previous wind grid (optional, but avoids confusion)

Polars database

  • Simple polars: vor0_pro-full.csv (available from ?)


  • CtrlOption.gifSimple polars
  • Boat spd factor: 1
  • CtrlCheck.gifInterpolate windspeeds

Multiple sail polars

Download file and save to disk


  • CtrlOption.gifMultiple sail polars
  • Boat spd factor: 1
  • CtrlCheck.gifInterpolate windspeeds

Select file and click load

Wind interpolation

  • CtrlCheck.gifInterpolate winds

In time

  • CtrlOption.gifprevious

In position

  • CtrlOption.gifbilinear
  • CtrlCheck.gifuse U/V interpolation for TWD

Boats Tab

Boat Data

  • GetUser: Enter the unique GetUser string for your boat in this control. This string has the format:
  • CtrlCheck.gifAuto update in (if you want you boat track(s) to update automatically)

Other Tab

Track Designer Settings

Wind forecast age

  • CtrlOption.giftime from last wind update. Keep this option selected unless you are doing two-step routing or laying a track from an advanced position.

Wind update time

  • First wind update time: Set this field to the LOCAL time of the first game wind update each day. Remember to adjust this setting if the game update times move due to a daylight saving change at your locality.
  • Integration time step: 1 minute
  • Line snap mode: integer courses
  • Track marks frequency: 1h
  • CtrlCheck.gifUse Fixed TWA - if you want the track tool to draw fixed wind angle tracks.