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Accessing your desktop remotely

VRTool embedded webserver allows remote access to the program's chart using a web browser (IE, Firefox &c). The program acts as a web server.

Possible uses:

  • View your vrtool desktop remotely with a Internet enabled cell phone.
  • Share your desktop with friend(s) over the web.
  • Host you own virtual race.
List of services:
/ 	        homepage (BA chart + boat data)
/ba.gif 	current boat attitude chart
/chart.gif 	current vrtool chart

The content is dynamically generated images and html text. This application serves no files nor runs any kind of script. It is a simple and safe http server. But make sure you understand other risks of serving the Internet from your home computer.

To configure and activate the vrtool webserver click menu option >View >Web server. Before starting the server, configure the tcp/ip port (default=8080). The server may be set to require authentication for all pages (a single login/password)

Click [x]Start/stop server to start.

To test the webserver from the same computer point the web browser to:


Configuring your network to allow remote access to vrtool webserver

If you have broadband Internet access, connected to a wireless router, you may configure it to allow accessing your vrtool desktop from outside the intranet.

Most likely your router uses a dynamic Internet IP number (i.e. the IP changes over time). In this case you have to use a dynamic DNS service, such as DynDNS.org (free). Some wireless routers support DDNS ( whenever the ip changes, the router notifies the DNS sever). Create an account in DynDNS.org. Configure the wireless router with DynDNS host/login.

Configure Wireless Router to accept connections on a given port and direct it to your computer ip/port. ex: start: 8080 end: 8080 ip: protocol: tcp/ip ( to get your computer IP address, use DOS command IPCONFIG )

Configure the computer Windows Firewall to allow remote access to the vrtool webserver in the chosen tcp/ip port.

   ex: program: vrtool.exe port:8080 rights: act as server

Your full VRTool webserver URL will look like this:


Type that URL in the cell phone web browser.

Warning: Of course If you can access your vrtool chart from the Internet, others can too. Use authentication to restrict access.