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In the toolbar you can choose from the following tools:

ToolbarZoom.gif Zoom - Click left mouse button to zoom in and right to zoom out.
ToolbarPan.gif Hand - Left click and drag the map.
ToolbarRuler.gif Ruler - Use it to measure distance and course (if the wind grid is loaded it will calculate boat speed, track time and recommended sail, using the polars)
Route designer - Use it to draw routes. Right click the last point to finish and give the new route a name.
Track designer - Use it to draw tracks. If winds are loaded, the program will calculate date/time for each point. While designing the track, when you cross a 12h intervals, wind forecasts change automatically.
Marks - Use to add marks to de desktop. Choose a name and icon for your mark.
Pointer - Use to point things in the desktop. It will show the associated texts (mark name, track point text, wind speed etc)
Circle - Use to draw a circle or a set of concentric circles around the clicked location.