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With vrtool Regatta Runner (RR) you can host your own virtual race and invite your friends to participate.

You can create a number virtual boats. The RR module moves them at specified intervals. The RR boats can be controlled locally or remotely, using the new vrtool Remote Boat Client or an included browser (also iphone/ipad) application.

VRTool uses a SQLite database to store boat (file regatta.db). SQLite is easy to use and allows interaction with PHP code. regatta.db may be edited using vrtool regatta administrator or external tools like SQLiteAdmin [1]

The boats can be controlled remotely using the new vrtool remote boat client, a remote computer or the iphone client ( a web based app, included ) ( note: this will only control vrtool boats -in your machine or at friends - not the "real" VR/VORG game boats)

I expanded the embedded vrtool webserver to allow direct interaction between the iphone client and vrtool. To setup your own regatta, you have to:

1- Make sure you have winds loaded (for the whole regatta area). Also load a multi-sail polar database.

2- Open vrtool regatta runner and setup a regatta. Create boats and set passwords. Position the boats in the starting point and initial course.

3- Open the vrtool webserver.

  • Set the root directory to c:\program files\vrtool\htdocs\ ( Don't forget the last back slash)
  • Check [x]Serve files
  • Start the vrtool webserver

4 - Start the regatta at specified gun time.

In the iphone, open Safari and go to http://yourhost:8080/i/index.html This will allow remote mobile access to your boat(s)

The remote access to vrtool boats can be controlled in a number of ways: - You can use local network IP number and access within your intranet. - You can expose the application to the web (using dynamic dns).

Most people have broadband connections with dynamic IPs (ADSL etc), so that the IP number may change over time. In this case, people will not be able to access the game using the IP number. To solve this problem you may use a dynamic DNS service (such as )

You will have to configure the local access point (router) to update DynDNS and to route the web traffic to your computer/port combination.

Each time your router IP address changes, it informs DynDNS. DynDNS will give you a friendly host name, such as

If you don't have an iphone, you may use Windows/Mac Safari or Google Chrome. ( unfortunately Firefox doesn't work with my iphone boat application, which uses webkit ) Android also uses webkit, so it may work, but I didn't test that).