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VRTool is available for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. To install it, follow these steps:

1- Download the software installer and save to your computer. Use the download link in this page

2- After the complete download, run the file. This will install the software in your system. For Windows Vista and Windows 7, you will be prompted for system administrator credentials.

Admin rights are only required while installing, not for normal program usage. 
If you don't have admin rights on you computer, contact the system administrator.

3- After installing, to run the program, use Windows menu [Start] > Applications > VRTool menu or use the desktop icon.

In order to get the latest features and bug fixes, you may have to install the software and upgrade to latest version (see below)


If you already have vrtool installed and want to update to the latest version check the downloads page. Upgrading to latest beta is done by replacing file vrtool.exe with the file (you have to terminate the program to do that).