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VRTool is a program to help you plan sail boat routes. The focus is on boat and wind data visualization and track calculations.

  • Interactive route and track designer
  • Great circle and rhumb lines calculation (Leg calculator)
  • Wind forecasts download and visualization tools (NOAA GFS winds)
  • Track animation
  • Polar chart creation and edition
  • Weather routing (track optimization)
  • Regatta host with embedded webserver and iphone client
  • 3D views (using OpenGL)
  • Compatible with Virtual Regatta and VORG games.
  • All data files in text format

System requirements

The software is available for Windows PCs ( XP, 2000, 2003, Vista, Windows 7 ) with a minimum of 1 GB memory. Also works on Pentium Macs using Windows emulation software (like Parallels) and Linux PCs with Wine.