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Version 2.30 release notes

Postby omar » Wed Oct 08, 2014 1:32 pm

VRTool 2.30 available for download

* Weather Routing - Rewrite of the track pruning method.
The new method covers more area and is faster.
Looks good. Old method is still available (for now).

* A new "best track charts" module was added.
This allows you to visualize 3 line charts:
boat speed, wind speed and wind angle - all over time -
for the length of the weather routing "best track".
To use this, click the [Charts] button
(to the side of the [Add best track] button).
The button is enabled after a weather routing calculation.

* GPS interface - Updated the module UI and included
"NMEA over TCP/IP" modes (previous versions worked only for serial
COM ports). Socket "client" and "server" modes available.
A "file" mode allows gradualy loading NMEA messages from a text file.

The GPS interface accepts NMEA style GPS sentences, as well as
instruments (wind meter, compass, giro) and AIS messages.
AIS provides information for near vessels and
waypoints of interest.

* Sail Online ( players now may import race data
into vrtool directly from Brainaid's NMEA proxy. No need to
use a COM port emulator. Just select "TCP/IP Client" mode,
set host, port and connect. The proxy will feed GPS,
AIS and instrument messages. This feels like sailing in a real boat.
You get GPS, instruments and AIS messages from that source somehow.
Great great job Brainaid. Thanks David Mclean for showing the way.

Brainaid Sailonline Toolbox

* Polar studio - Improved to allow digitizing polars charts
from JPG or BMP chart images. Most boat manufacturers
provide polars in image formats.

* I had the nerve to update the french translation myself,
based on previous translation (and using Google Translator
for some texts). French users are encouraged to point me
any idiotic translation(s).

* For VORG 14, I implemented a custom wind interpolation method
for wind direction (TWD), using U/V wind speed components.
See interpolation tab. Search for U/V wind direction checkbox and [x]check it.
Looks more in line with game method, but not exact, it seems. Is a start.

* A full installation is required for version 2.30.
If you have a previous vrtool version,
install again on the same folder.

To download this version, please register with basic user information
(email and country). This is for statistical reasons: I want to know the user base.
I'm not going to bother you with junk mail or anything.

To download go to
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