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VR weather routing, tracks : winds grid timestamp

PostPosted: Fri Dec 07, 2012 5:06 pm
by yremy
Good evening everybody !

I'm new to VR, and concequently to VRTool, that I like pretty much.
As I learn alone, maybe I'm wrong in my way of doing it, or I use this tool for a bad purpose (i.e. that's only for short term) :
My settings are good configured i think, but I cannot resolve this matter : every routes and tracks which are calculated consider 18h00 as the moment where winds change.
In VR, as you know, it's at 20:00. So the route is not optimized between 18 and 20. Naturally, I adjust it, but how could I change this Timestamp (I guess that's not possible :)

Specifying a "given hour" with two hours less works, but it's not so convenient...
"Time from last wind update" gives me schedules and results that I cannot figure out to deal with. But, it overides the "pb", the chart seem to be correct.

What could be a good procedure ?
How do you proceed ?


Cheers, Bon Vent,