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Interface improvement Ideas

Postby guigui » Tue Dec 04, 2012 9:05 pm


As I see Omar is very active and add new features frequently, I will put here few ideas I have so maybe he will like it and add them...

Visibility :
Give the points of a given track the same opacity as the track itself.

The text is very small and sometimes hard to read. The wind text is ok. A bigger text would be unreadable when zoomed out, so I don't know...maybe a text that changes in size when zoomed.... but I want to read the isochrones when zoomed out, and not the details of one track.... so I don't know what would be the best.

Moving on the map.
It's not easy to move around on the map.
My propositions: :
Mouse wheel zoom : bigger zoom action with the mouse wheel, as strong as with the zoom action function AND zoom to the pointer, not the center of the view.
A click and drag action with a press on the wheel button. I know the ctrl button do that but it would be great to have it on the mouse.

Draw track tool :
For the first point, If the cursor is close to my boat, snap to its exact location.
As there is the Shift button to snap from degres to degres, make a button (or combine it to the shift button) to snap from 10mn to 10mn (integer time step).
More difficult maybe : if the first point is close to a point of an existing track, snap to its exact position AND make the track mark frequency (and all calculation) start from the time of this point.

Weather routing :
Make possible to add intermediate check points or/and check "gates".
It take me a lot of time to know where to pass a gate. It makes part of the game and I like exploring the different options but it's not easy.
An other way to do : make possible that the starting point snap to an existing calculated end track and start the weather time routing from it.
(I'm not sure i'm very clear...)

That's all for now...
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