Omar's Delphi WSApi Page

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WSApi is the high performance programming interface of the Website Server. Applications for this API must be implemented as win32 DLLs. You will need Delphi 2.0 to compile this sources.
The compiled DLLs are also provided, in case you don't have the compiler.

Download (57 k)

The two examples presented here are very simple:

Restart the server.


The file wsapih.pas contains the structure definitions and function prototypes translated from wsapi.h. I did not translate all functions yet, but it is simple to do so, if you need any other function.
One thing I did not manage to do is call bind_wsapi() at DLL_PROCESS_ATTACH time. Delphi defines a variable DLLProc, which is a pointer to a custom DLL handler. DLL_PROCESS_ATTACH however was already called when you have access to this. bind_wsapi() is an optional call anyway. It's only for version control.

Note: Don't use the html documentation provided with Website to get function prototypes and structure definitions. It's not updated. Use the wsapi.h instead.

This is Freeware. No support. No warranty of any kind. Comments, bug reports and improvements wellcome. If you are really satisfied with this product, then send $10 to one of those third world charities you see on TV.