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sail OPYC

O.P.Y.C* is a worldwide sailing simulation using physics.

Available for iPhone/iPad, Android phones & tablets and Windows PCs. The game runs locally on your device.

OPYC server provides winds and saves your virtual boat position.

OPYC boats only move when they are sailed in the app.

Data exchange between app and server is minimal,

and spaced in time, so the app consumes very little Internet band.

Only one device can be logged in at any time.

Access is controlled by boat name / password.

To start sailing OPYC, get the App in the AppStore.

User registration is required on first use and done from within the app.

( * Old Pelican Yacht Club )


Windows version


Download from Apple app store

for iphone / iPad


Download from Google Play Store

for Android phones / tablets


Download for Windows

for Windows vista, W8, W10



About OPYC

OPYC (Old Pelican Yacht Club) is a sailboat simulation mobile app, using physics.

Real boats move because the wind presses against each little piece of sail cloth. Waves and floating objects can hit the hull. Rudder action generates lift that corrects the boat course, but also generates drag that can hold you back. Keel forces prevent sideways movement of the hull. Sails can be ripped by strong winds. Chinese jibes can happen during the night.

In order to get this kind of realism, boat computations had to be moved from the server, as in most sailing games, to the user mobile device. This was a bless, for no server can handle real time physics simulation for a large number of boats. At least our server can't.

Battery warning

Simulation calculations can heat up your phone, and impact negatively in the phone battery life. Have the charger handy.


Sailing in the app is the only way to move an OPYC boat. No boat teleporting allowed at this time.

In fact you can order a "boat tele-transport" by a signed request letter (by snail mail, not e-mail). See address below..



Is this a regatta game ?

Not really. There are no racing events scheduled at this time. Not that I know of.

Just sailing for fun.

What do I get ?

There are gates at selected points. Cross gate lines and earn OpyCoins, a crypto currency that you only get by sailing OPYC world.

Do I see my friend's boats ?

Boats within AIS range (30 NM) will appear in your chart.

Will this app hog my cellular Internet?

The app exchanges a small package of data each 5 minutes, with very little bandwidth consumption. Uses wi-fi when available.

Can two or more people play the same boat ?

Only one device can be active at any time. The device that logged more recently has the valid login, and is allowed to talk to OPYC server.

Can I play from the web browser?

No. Only from the mobile app.

Is OPYC available for desktop computers?

Yes, for Windows PCs

How long can I be off line?

After two hours without Internet, OPYC wind goes to zero, so your boat will stop.

Does the app run in background, so I can answer a phone call?

No. When the app is terminated or paused, the simulation is stopped.

Does the boat have autopilot ?

Yes. Use the [Auto] button. Click one time to lock the course. Click again to lock the wind angle. Click a 3rd time to revert to manual.

The auto pilot works most of the time, however it can be unstable if the wind is too strong, or you have too much sail on.

What happens when I click reset button ?

Sails are reset, the boat is moved to the last known position and anchored. You loose the last 5 minutes of sailing, at most.

When the boat is locked, you may turn it with one finger. Choose a sail and trim the sheets. Then click [Release] to start sailing.


Download app from Apple AppStore

Download app Google Play Store

Download app for Windows

for support, go to the Forum