Dec, 11, 2015 - Navigator 2.5 released

Now for iphone and ipad ( same app and features in all devices )

This version uses the phone sensors do auto-orient the star chart and allows capturing the altitude of objects directly with the phone, even without a sextant.


This version can be used with an iSextant, if you build one..

Check the iSextant DYI sextant project


Another addition to this version is the use of world maps in both situation charts. Charts can also be manipulated with standard gestures (pinch and pan to zoom the chart)

GSHHS low resolution charts used (note: not navigation grade charts)


Sep, 20, 2013 - Navigator for iPad™ released

I'm pleased to announce that version 1.0 of Navigator for iPad has been released and can be purchased from the iTunes Store. This version of Navigator includes Navigator for PC celestial navigation features and star finder. A version for iPhone is coming soon and Android is on the list.


  • Perpetual almanac
  • Star finder chart
  • Lines of position
  • Celestial object data
  • Meridian passage
  • Running fix
  • Astronomical position.
  • User Manual with celestial navigation tutorial.

For more details, go to App Store

star finder







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