Adjusted Price

The adjusted price of Enfoque On Line quotations are calculated by applying the events which have occurred during the period of time considered (i.e. from the consultation date).
The following events are:
Attention: The adjusted price DOESN'T correct the effects of inflation. Its the old price expressed in the current currency.

Deflated Price

The deflated price is a way of correcting a price by inflation, using as a base the variation which has occurred in another financial instrument during this period of time. This other financial instrument can also be called an index and can be any other financial instrument in the Enfoque On Line Quotations system.

The indexes that are used the most are:

The formula used is:
PDd: The deflated price of the financial instrument on a specified date
PAd: The adjusted price of the financial instrument on a specified date
Ia: The current price of the index
Id: The adjusted price of the index on a specified date
The formula used is:
To understand this calculation, see the following example:
Adjusted gold price in cash on 1/13/94=1.68
Adjusted commercial dollar price on 1/13/94=0.13874
Current price of the commercial dollar=0.9674
Current price of gold on 1/13/94, corrected by inflation of the commercial dollar during this period is:
Deflated Price is=1.68*0.96774/0.138874=11.714

Attention: There is no deflation in assets which are expressed in foreign currency, such as YEN, DIJA, SP500, GOLD etc. So that the deflated value has meaning the financial assets and index must be expressed in the same currency.

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